Scouting Knowledge


Homenetmen Motto


Motto originated by Bedros Adrouni. The Armenian scout should discipline his body with exercise, and his mind with new knowledge and fill his spirit with the ideas and aims of the organization. At the same time, he is to help his fellow scout by increasing his knowledge as well.

Scouting Motto 

“Be Prepared” “MEESHD BADRAST”

No matter in what situation you find yourself, you should “be prepared” to carry out your promise and law. The Scouting Symbol — “SHOOSHANAZAGHIG”

A: The three parts of the promise
B: The scouts ever present smile
C: The scouts tongue which always speaks the truth.


Promise and Law


Trail Signs


Handshake and Salute

Scouting Handshake — “SCAOODAGAN TSERK TOTVEL”

  • Since the handshake is done with the left hand it signifies the passage of blood between the two people shaking hands.
    • The blood passes from the heart of person A, passes through their left arm and enters the body of person B.
    • At the same time blood is passed from person B to Person A.

Scouting Salute — “SCAOODAGAN PAREV”

  • The three finger signify the three parts of the promise.
  1. be faithful to God and homeland
  2.  always help others
  3.  obey the Scout/Guide law
  • The thumb on the little finger signifies the protection of the older over the younger.




 Morse Code

World Scouting

The World Flag

  • A: The three parts of the promise.
    • B: The compass needle always pointing to the right direction.
    • C: One star is the promise, the other the law.
    • D: Reef Knot that binds the world.

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