Our motto

Elevate Yourself and Others with You

Who we are (Mission)

To assist young people of Armenian background to develop their physical, intellectual and spiritual strengths as individuals and as responsible citizens in their communities.

Where we’re headed (Vision)

To engage young people of Armenian background in self-fulfillment and appreciation of their national heritage

How we’ll get there (Values)

Providing ones own example and serving others:

Through sports

  • Initiating youth in team sports

  • Developing interpersonal skills

  • Being physically active and learning to take care of our bodies

  • Volunteering as a coach or a manager

  • Sharing personal skills and bringing fresh ideas

Through scouting

  • Being prepared to get involved

  • Being open to learning

  • Being ready to share in the adventures of growing up

  • Helping others at all times

Through music

  • Learning how to play music

  • Being part of a marching band

  • Playing music at various events

Through our heritage

  • Practicing to speak Armenian

  • Learning about Armenian culture
  • Learning and visiting our homeland

  • Learning about volunteering and donating money

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