COVID safety measures for in person Scouts meetings

COVID safety measures for in person meetings

COVID safety measures for in person meetings

COVID Committee Members

  1. Alicia Aghazarian, K. Karine Colasurdo, K. Lori Joukhajian, K. Karine Plaisance, K. Jessica Margorian, Y. Raffi Tavitian, Y.  Jack Tcharfajian
  • In Person Meeting Guidelines

The following requirements need to be respected for indoor & outdoor gatherings:

  1. For outdoor gatherings, each group cannot be more than 50 people in one gathering (counting scouts and leaders).
  2. For indoor gatherings, all scouting activities are limited to a maximum of 25 scouts per room. Leaders are not included in the 25 count. 

**Clarification- two gatherings of 50 are considered separate If they do not get close enough.

In order to come up with a plan, we organized the following:

  • Our scouting groups are separated into groups of 15 – 25 according to ASC guidelines (numbers do not include leaders and correspond to the numbers after pokhantsoum). We will reorganize according to registration numbers. (All numbers are taken from membership; we are aware that numbers will fluctuate depending on registration).
  • Our rooms into how many groups of 15-25 they can accommodate
  • Mogli: 2 – 1 room of 25 kids
  • Castor: 32 – 2 rooms of 25 kids each or  3 rooms of 15 kids each
  • Ardzevig: 42 – 3 rooms of 15 kids each
  • Kaylig: 41 – 4 rooms of 15 kids each
  • Arenoush: 60 – 3 rooms of 25 kids each
  • Ari: 53 – 4 rooms of 15 kids each
  • P-inc: 30 – 2 rooms of 15 kids each (On paper, they are 57. However, expected numbers are more likely to be 30).
  • P-Unit: 40 – 2 rooms of 25 kids each
  • Rovers: 15 – 1 room of 15 kids each (Accurate number of new rovers as per Rover leaders)

For a total of 17 groups of 15 – 25 on Friday and 3 – 4 for Saturday. We cannot accommodate everyone on a single day and the Srah is not available. The next best option was splitting the group in half and alternating virtual and in person meetings for now. Ardzevig, Kaylig, Arenoush & Ari groups will alternate every week. For the P-Inc, P-Unit & Rovers, due their numbers, they will be having in person meetings every week.  As for Saturdays, they will also have in person meetings every week.

Here is the split for Friday groups:

Team A- Ardzevig, Kaylig, P-unit, P-inc, Rovers (3+3+1+1= 8 groups of 25)

Team B- Arenoush, Aris, P-inc, P-unit, Rovers (3+3+1+1= 8 groups of 25)

  • Indoor Room Distribution

Available rooms with # of 25 (or 15) groups that can be present while maintaining 10 meters distancing.

  1. Half gym A (the one closest to the entrance)- 1 x 25 each
  2. Half gym B (the one next to the cafeteria)- 1 x 25 each
  3. Arenoush Caf 2 x 25 or 3 x 15
    1. Arenoush Caf A
    2. Arenoush Caf B
    3. Arenoush Caf C
  4. Teachers’ lounge- 1×25
  5. P-inc room- 1×25
  6. Mini gym- 2×15 or 1 x 25
  7. P-unit caf- 1×25
  8. Old P-inc caf- 1×25
  9. Piano area- 1×25

Total of 11 minimum & 13 maximum available depending on numbers. The open area next to direction (with mountain painting) will be left empty for access to washrooms.

We tried to keep all subdivisions of the same group as close together as possible, while providing younger groups with the gym.

Friday Nights:

  1. Team A: 

Kaylig (4) – Arenoush caf (3) and half gym closer to the caf (1)

Ardzevig (3) – Half gym closer to main entrance (1), P-inc room (1), and Teachers’ lounge (1)

P-unit (2) – Old P-Inc Caf (1) and P-Unit Caf (1)

P-inc (2) – Mini Gym (2)

Rovers (1) – Piano Area 

  1. Team B-

Ari (4) – Arenoush caf (3) and half gym closer to the caf (1)

Arenoush (3) – Half gym closer to main entrance (1), P-inc room (1), and Teachers’ lounge (1)

P-unit (2) – Old P-Inc Caf (1) and P-Unit Caf (1)

P-inc (2) – Mini Gym (2)

Rovers (1) – Piano Area 


Castor (2) – The entire gym upstairs (2)

Mogli (1) – The mini gym (1) and the cafeteria downstairs when their numbers exceed 30.

  • Outdoor Distribution Plan


Asphalt (#1)

Asphalt (#2)

Field (#1)

Asphalt (#3)

Field (#2)


We can also utilize the picnic table area in front of Sourp Hagop (for an older group) & another group can go to Parc D’Armenie.

*Our first meeting is on September 10th for Friday groups and September 11 for Saturday groups. All groups will be in person.

Here is the breakdown for their meeting areas (September 10th only): 

  • Ardzevig: Field (#1)
  • Kaylig: Field (#2)
  • Arenoush: Swing Area At Parc Avila
  • Ari: Field at Parc Avila
  • P-Inc: Parc d’Arménie
  • P-Unit: Spider Side at Parc Avila
  • Rover: K. Jessica’s Backyard

  • Drop-off & Pickup

Since the subgroups of each group are on the same floor, the groups meeting on the second floor would come in and leave from the door next to the gym and the groups on the first floor would come in and leave from the main front doors of the school. As cars approach, we ask them which group the scout is part of and a leader would guide them to continue driving to the front entrance or drive to the back, regarding the group that the scout belongs to. This way we have half the circulation at every entrance. 

Before the leader tells them which entrance to drive to, they will also show the QR code to the parents for them to fill out the questionnaire (more info in next section on this!).  The screening will be done at the respective entrance.

 Pick-up will happen in 2 waves in the back of the school ONLY. The kids who do not have any siblings in other groups will come down with a leader at 8:55pm and wait in the zone assigned to their group. Meanwhile, those with siblings in other groups will wait in their meeting room with the other leaders until 9:05pm. Once all the kids of the first wave are gone, the leader can give the go for the second wave to come down in their outside zone. The leaders outside make sure there are no scouts left from their group before coming back in.

(ANNEXE 3- Map) Also a video will be made and sent to parents to give them a better understanding of the procedure before September 10th. 

Here are some specifics for Drop-Off & Pickup:

  1. At 7:20 doors will be shut and locked as we cannot let anyone in the school if they are not allowed. Whoever is waiting outside can call a khorourt member/White or Orange to be let in. It is not fair to assign a guardian in front of the doors, this approach is the next best option.
  2. We will have a questionnaire (Google forms) and screen scouts before they walk in (at the front & back entrances), they will sanitize their hands and head to their respective meeting area.
  3. For Moglis & Castors, all will enter from the front, as a parent who has Castor and Mogli scout cannot send each kid to a separate entrance. After the screening is done with the parent, only the scout is allowed to enter the building.

  • Important information for meetings: 
  • Scouts should bring their water bottle, water fountains will not be used.
  • Every scout must bring 2 masks with them at every meeting; we will have backup masks in case the 2 masks were not sufficient. If a scout does not bring a mask, they cannot enter the school. We will have extra masks on hand but will not announce it to encourage scouts to bring their own.
  • Petty Cash will be collected. Collection can take place anywhere from once a month to every 6 weeks. It is under each group’s discretion to come up with a collection method (to be discussed and reviewed by the COVID committee). 
  • In case of a case, we would like to ask Lori (Sourp Hagop’s principal) to use K. Lori J’s classroom as the quarantine room (it is located on the second floor, near the washrooms by the directions office).
  1. We need volunteer leaders for the job, just like summer camp first aid. 
  2. Before every meeting, we will bring the protective equipment into the room to be ready in case we have a situation. We will use one of the first aid kits in khetsig and separate the protective equipment into Ziplocks. This includes a long lab coat (until knees), gloves, masks, and goggles.
  • Hand sanitizing bottles will be provided/room and 2 will be at the entrances. Each group will have their own stash.

Mandatory material that all scouts will be asked to have with them before entering meeting:

  • Backpack or Fanny pack
  • 2 new surgical masks (in a ziploc)
  • 1 empty ziploc for dirty masks
  • 1 purell bottle
  • Water Bottle

Bathroom Protocol

  • All groups meeting upstairs will use the Teachers bathrooms.
  • For all groups meeting downstairs, they will use the downstairs bathrooms.
  • Only 3 scouts per group are allowed to go to the bathroom at a time with 1 leader.
  • If a group is already using the bathroom, the other group will have to wait until the previous group is finished and has left the bathroom. 

  • Leader Requirements:
  1. They need to complete the SMM Hygiene 1 training and pass the exam.
  2. When making program please consider the following: 
    1. Mention where the activity will take place on your program. Take into account the number of subdivisions that you have and where they are having meetings. Suggestion– For groups that have the gym, make the same program the 2 weeks back-to back that you have in person meetings and alternate the scouts.
    2. For all activities mention how the safety measures will be maintained. (e.g. Dodgeball, everyone sanitizes their hands before and after the game, the ball is sanitized before the game)
    3. Suggestion– make the safety measures part of the game, especially for younger groups to make compliance easier. 
    4. Stay away from contact sports.
    5. Khorourt will look at our programs and will give us the green light if we respect the safety measures, so put a lot of thought and be as thorough as possible in your explanations.

ANNEXE 1 – ASC Regulations (from La Reprise du scoutisme 2021):

A mask must be worn at all times while indoors if it is not possible to comply with the following measures: 

  • A minimum distance of one meter is maintained between participants of different residences throughout the activity;
  • When moving around the school (in hallways and bathrooms).

An adult or youth who begins to experience symptoms on the premises should immediately be placed in the isolation room or other secluded area, wear a procedural mask and be reported to provincial health authorities.

Prevention Procedures

  • People with symptoms are part of the chain of transmission of COVID-19 in venues. Procedures that consider the following can prevent transmission of the disease:
    • Identification of adults and youth with symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entry to the venue, such as by:
    • A questionnaire;
    • Self-assessment by adults and youth;
    • An assessment by the youth’s parents or guardians.
  • Posters are put up, reminding them of the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and physical distancing at key locations (entrance, premises, restrooms, outside doors, etc.);
  • Parents, guardians, and partners were informed of the prevention measures implemented in the groups to control the risks associated with COVID-19 and made aware of the importance of adhering to them and minimizing their movement around the meeting site;
  • Participants and members who develop symptoms are informed of their obligation to not attend meetings;
  • Participants or members who test positive for COVID-19 shortly after attending the meeting environments should notify the group leader and/or khorourt;
  • A person at the entrance to the site shall be designated to screen and administer the health questionnaire;
  • Access must be denied to any participant who exhibits symptoms associated with illness (fever or cough or difficulty breathing, other symptoms depending on government sites);
  • Access must also be denied to any youth whose parents or another person in the same residence has these symptoms or who is already in isolation due to COVID-19 (case or contact).

Procedures if symptoms are detected on site

When symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever or cough or difficulty breathing or other symptoms depending on government sites) appear at the encounter site:

  • A pre-prepared COVID-19 emergency kit should be used and contain at a minimum gloves, procedural masks, eye protection, a resealable bag, an overgarment (gown), as well as at least 60% hydroalcoholic solution;
  • The symptomatic participant must be isolated in a designated room (K. Lori’s classroom) and wear a procedure mask. The symptomatic volunteer must leave the meeting environment immediately;
  • Only one member of the khorourt and one leader care for the symptomatic participant while he/she leaves the encounter site with his/her parent/guardian;
    • They must wear gloves and a sweat suit (gown) in addition to a procedure mask and eye protection (goggles or visor);
  • Once the symptomatic participant/volunteer has left, disinfect the room, surfaces and objects touched by the participant/volunteer;
  • The members should safely remove personal protective equipment and coveralls and dispose of non-reusable ones in the trash can (if a non handheld trash can is available) or in dedicated resealable containers or bags, then dispose of the single-use equipment. Wash hands immediately after use;
  • Reusable personal protective equipment should be disinfected (e.g., eye protection, if reusable);
  •  Following disinfection of the isolation room, wash hands and re-use gloves to place the participant’s personal items (clothing worn, cap, water bottle, etc.) in a cloth or plastic bag for washing or return to parents/guardians;
  • Parents or guardians of participants in the affected person’s group and staff in contact with the symptomatic child should call their provincial health authority for instructions.

Physical distancing:

A minimum distance of 2 meters between people must be maintained at the meeting, from arrival to exit (except in special cases such as accidents and emergency situations);

  • Handshakes, hugs and other physical contact should be avoided;
  • The places where activities are conducted and the methods of conducting them have been reviewed to ensure that the physical distance of 2 meters is respected as much as possible;
  • The organization of various activities was reviewed to respect, as much as possible, the physical distance of 2 meters between the leaders and the scouts.
  • Circulation and interaction between leaders, khorourt, and scouts is limited;
  • A distance of 10 meters between indoor and outdoor sub-groups;

Adaptations must be made to limit the risk of transmission when the principles of physical distancing cannot be met:

  • Masks or face coverings covering the nose and mouth must be worn in public indoor areas at all times, regardless of age. This includes places where physical activities and sports are offered;
  • The wearing of a visor will not replace the mask or face cover in places where it is mandatory;
  • The use of technological means (e.g. telecommuting, virtual meetings or activities, electronic signatures, online forms, etc.);
  • A procedure for parents to organize the reception and handover of young people: avoid paper documents, favor electronic signatures and inform parents of the time when they can pick up their child – so that the child is ready – in order to avoid the circulation of parents on the site
  • Organizing methods, leader rotation and supervision. For example:
    • Favoring the smallest and most stable teams possible ;
    • Reduce the number of participants supervised by the leaders and the rotation of tasks (e.g.: limit the number of participants in the activity area);
    • Avoid sharing objects. If this is not possible, implement strict hygiene measures;
    • Limit changes of sites and movements within the same site to what is strictly necessary;
    • Modifications to activity schedules and intervals between activities that minimize contact between participants should be provided;

Special attention is given to areas that may become bottlenecks (e.g., entrance to locker rooms, washrooms, exits to fields/yards, pathways, stairs, bike racks) to prevent the creation of lines of people close together;

* If the rules imposed by the public place are more stringent than those in this policy, they must be enforced first.

Wherever possible, a one-way traffic flow has been established to prevent people from crossing each other;

Outdoor activities are preferred and physical activities or sports are permitted as long as they comply with the hygiene rules in this policy;

Games involving close contact with participants are avoided;

The leader-scout ratios prescribed in the COVID-19 by the Public Health Department and the Association must be respected:

  • For the 7/11 years old : 1 leader for 6 scouts;
  • For the 11/14 years old : 1 leader for 8 scouts;
  • For 13/17 year olds: 1 leader for 10 scouts.

Leaders in contact with children with special needs or for medical measures, if the tasks absolutely require being within 2 meters of another person for a period of more than 15 minutes maximum in the day without a physical barrier, must wear a procedural mask and eye protection at all times;

Necessary personal protective equipment, including procedural masks and eye protection, shall be provided and made available to facilitators in sufficient numbers;

For safety and sanitation reasons, no parents will be allowed inside.


ANNEXE 2: QR Code & Google Form

Google Form:

COVID-19 Check-In Questionnaire

Friday, September 10, 2021

This form must be submitted prior to you dropping off your child to meeting. If you have multiple children attending different scouts meetings, you must submit one questionnaire per child. Please take the time to fully read each question and answer them as truthfully as you can.



Thank you for your response!


WARNING: If you have answered “YES” to any of the previous questions, DO NOT leave or drop-off your child. Please return home, and contact Khorourt for further details.


If you have answered “NO” to any of the previous questions, please proceed to the next designated area.

ANNEXE 3 : Drop-Off & Pickup Map

The above picture is sent to all parents whose children attend Sourp Hagop. The yellow lines in the above picture are for parking. We can make a similar picture for our parents to inform them where they can park for pickup and the flow for drop off.

Important to note that the direction of traffic is one way only (follow the arrows).